Ectopic heart beats - Why do i feel them in my throat?

In this video, Dr Sanjay Gupta discusses why some people feel their ectopic heart beats in their throats. My name is Sanjay Gupta ...

my heartbeat and pulse

my heart sounds and my visible pulse. My pulse was easier to see 20 minutes ago; the sun has moved and altered the lighting.

You can see my HEARTBEAT in my chest 1

You can clearly see my heart beating while resting in natural position, I'm not forcing it. This is what you see when you look at my ...

My heartbeat sound react strong to push

I do two small breath holds then around 2 minutes do a push. Very long slow down, then to follow leaping up to 150+ beats a ...

My visible heartbeat ( with sound)

Alriiiiight here you gooooo. Something visibleeeee For those of you who are always asking if my heart is visible: now you know!

What a boy's crazy heartbeat sounds and looks like

Long recording of my heart beating so fast, you have no idea of how great is feeling it in my chest. Of course is visible!

Video shows the brain jiggling with every heartbeat

Your brain jiggling may help diagnose diseases. Abnormal jiggling could be a sign of changes in the brain so scientists from ...

heart beat in my stomach :o

i have a lil heart beat in my stomach BUT i am NOT pregant.

Visible heartbeat with poppers at 185 bpm and sound

This is my heart beating fast at 185 bpm inhaling poppers, as you can see I was already nervous so my heart rate started at 140 ...

Regular Carotid Pulsation and Discernible Internal Jugular Venous Pulse

In this JAMA Cardiology Clinical Challenge (https://ja.ma/2v7hqB6), a woman in her 50s was admitted after several months of ...

6 Week Pregnancy Update | HEARTBEAT Visible on Ultrasound!

6 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | HEARTBEAT VISIBLE ON ULTRASOUND! // Ashley shares footage of their first ultrasound appointment at ...

Male pounding heartbeat visible from my left side

This is my visible heartbeat recorded from my left side, pounding fast and hard. Seems like it's getting out of my chest!

Visible heartbeat lying down (semi-SFW: bare male chest)

Somewhat shaky picture because I held the camera in my hands. But I think it turned out all right. There are five bonus skips.

visible heartbeat after work out / almost 190 bpm - prt. 1

Comments are much appreciated as always, as well as suggestions and ideas for upcoming videos! ----Headphnones ...

Woman's Abnormal Neck Pulses Caused By Heart Condition | Video

The giant systolic pulsations in this woman's neck are caused by a heart condtion known as tricuspid-valve endocarditis.

Fast heartbeat with breathplay and visible beats

My heartbeat over 180 bpm at the begining. I did some breathplay and saw some visible beats too. Add me on skype ...

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